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Using Email Trigger

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In documentation it says like this:
The robot specified for the email trigger must contain one variable of complex type with a long text attribute. The robot can read all headers, body, and one or more attachments of an email. All attachments are encoded to Base64 format. If the robot does not contain any variable, the email is not processed and used just as a trigger to start a robot.

What name the complex variable should be and the long text type?  How does it handle the attachment OR is all email content just passed as XML (JSON?) into this new type.



The robot needs to contain type (complex variable), that contain one sub-type of long text. It can be e.g. type named email with long text sub-type named email (for better orientation):


The attachments are listed at the end of the displayed message as the clickable links.

Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Robotic Process Automation 11.1      
Robotic Process Automation 11.2      


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Article # 3035698