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Unable to load a dynamic chart

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Unable to load a dynamic chart.



When moving the cursor over the chart, a pop up should appear with data and their values.



Enabling all polyfills and adding a custom one for Fetch makes the chart load, but doesn't trigger the popup because moving the mouse in Webkit doesn't support relative shift using XY coordinates.

Some changes have to be made in Robot Configuration -> Default Options -> JavaScript Executions. Please, add all polyfills by clicking on + All and a custom one (Fetch) by clicking on + Custom.


Using CEF with the Offset option in Move Mouse step can trigger the popup, but we believe that coordinates should be hard-coded.

The custom Fetch polyfill must vary, so please contact our Technical Support in order to get its content. 


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RPA 10.7 and higher      



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Article # 3042757
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