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Robotic Process Automation RSS

The Robotic Process Automation RSS file information is moving to the Kofax Community

New Release Announcement Location

The Robotic Process Automation RSS is moving to the Kofax Community.  To find the latest Robotic Process Automation product release information, go to the Kofax Community and browse its Topics’ list for the Robotic Process Automation Topic.  The Robotic Process Automation Release Announcements post will be at the top of the Discussions page. 

The Community provides read-only public access to these posts. To receive an email notification when a new Release Announcement is published, you need to log in first and bookmark the Release Announcements post.

The Kofax Community is a site where Kofax customers, partners and employees can collaborate and engage with one another to share product knowledge and experiences, help solve business issues, learn new use cases, and share ideas. It is an open forum with representation from all aspects of the business and a place where everyone can contribute and interact around Kofax solutions.  You can also move to the Community by going to the Kofax Community link located in the Customer and Partner Portals.

Legacy Release Announcement RSS Location

The existing RSS feed file will continue to contain release announcement information and remain available until Wednesday, September 01, 2021.

View the RSS_Kofax_Information_Integration_Applications.html file to stay current on any news relating to the Robotic Process Automation Product Family.

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