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Design Studio Seats vs Max Number of Users

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What are Design Studio and Max. Number of Users? How are they handled?



When license keys for Kofax RPA are generated, there are limits set for two types of users:

  • Design Studio seats
  • MC/KappZone Seats (this appears as "Max. Number of Users" in Management Console --> Admin --> License--> About current License).

Design Studio Seats

This number defines the number of people that can have Design Studios connected to the Management Console at the same time.

Each time a person starts a Design Studio and uses "License Server" (pointing to the Management Console URL), it takes one Design Studio seat.

The current Design Studio seats can be seen in the Management Console --> Admin--> License; it will point to the IP of the machine where Design Studio is running.

However, when Design Studio is closed, the seat is freed and Management Console updates in a couple of minutes. So another person can use Design Studio on their machine.

E.g. If the license only has 2 Design Studio seats, this means that only 2 robot developers can have Design Studio running at the same time. If a third developer needs to run Design Studio, one of the two current users has to shut down their Design Studio and then the third developer will be able to open theirs in a couple of minutes.

MC/KappZone Seats (or "Max. Number of Users")

This refers to the number of users that can connect to the Management Console or Kapplets when this is deployed in Tomcat and integrated with LDAP or SAML.

When LDAP integration is used, and initial "adminGroup" is provided. Any member of the adminGroup will be able to login to the Management Console as administrator and the number of users from this group is not limited by Max. Number of Users.
Administrators can then assign different rights (to projects) to different LDAP /SAML groups (very important: for a user to be able to login, they have to be a member in at least a group that was assigned rights to a project!). Max. Number of Users limits the number of non-admin users (i.e. not members of the adminGroup) that can log in.

Each time a user logs in to the Management Console, a new record will be create for this user; this can be seen in Management Console --> Admin --> Users.
Once the number of user records reaches "Max. Number of Users", no non-admin user will be allowed to log in (even if they are part of a group that was assigned rights to a project). Any member of the adminGroup will still be allowed to log in.


The only reason admin users are allowed to log in to Management Console over the limit set by "Max. Number of Users" is for disaster scenario where everyone is locked out (e.g. all users currently in MC can't be used; for example they've left the company).

For situations like this a new admin account will be allowed to log in even if it's over the limit set by "Max. Number of Users" but only with the purpose of restoring access. The admin should remove all the unused accounts from Management Console which will restore access for new users.


From version 11.0 of RPA Kapplets is a standalone application and the authentication to Kapplets is done through Management Console.

So though Management Console will allow more users to login over the limit set by "Max. Number of Users" (admin users, as described above), Kapplets will not.

If more users (than "Max. Number of Users") have logged in to Management Console an admin will have to remove enough accounts to match "Max. Number of Users".

Unlike the Design Studio seats that update when users open/close Design Studio, the ManagementConsole seats do not.
To allow a new user (not from the adminGroup) to login, one or more user records have to be removed from the Management Console --> Admin --> Users (to make sure that the number of records is less than "max. Number of Users").

What is the connection between Design Studio seats and Management Console seats (Max Number of Users)?

When LDAP integration is used with Management Console, all users will have to provide their credentials when opening Design Studio and connecting it to the Management Console (to get a license). For this to work, a user has to have a user record on the Management Console (i.e. the user needs to log in to the Management Console at least once prior to using Design Studio).

If the credentials of a user from the adminGroup are used when configuring Design Studio with a license server, a new record will be added in Management Console --> Admin Users directly.
However, each user whose credentials are used in Design Studio will take one Management Console seat. Therefore, when requesting a license the Management Console Seats number needs to be greater or equal to the number of Design Studio seats.


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