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Information collected by Kofax RPA

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What information does Kofax RPA collect from the machines on which it runs?



What information we collect

Using a "call home" feature built into Roboserver, we collect and track the following information upon software startup and on a daily basis from our customers: company name, email address, application name, its version and edition numbers, IP address, license key, number of CPUs that Roboserver is running on and the operating system for the server. This information is required for us to manage customers' software usage and maintain an enterprise solutions business relationship with their organizations.

What we do with that information

We use the information to build statistics and help us monitor/manage our customers' usage of their software and compliance with their contractual obligations to Kofax. The collected statistics will also be used as a basis to understand customer use patterns and to continuously improve our products.


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Article # 3047719
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