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List of the permissions associated with each of the application roles that can be assigned in the Management Console

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This article contains a description of the available roles in the Management Console (when User Management is enabled)



The table below contains the general description for each role:



This is the Management Console Administrator role.

This role should not be confused with the super-admin set in RoboServer Settings (for Management Console in embedded mode) or login.xml (for Management Console deployed into Tomcat): the Management Console Administrator can change Management Console administrative settings but can't completely rebuild it (can't backup and restore MC) while the super-admin can do this.


A user that can use the repository api to read/write to the repository


A user than can edit/delete schedules, robots, types, snippets and resources, but only view logs and data


A user than view everything, but modify nothing


A restricted user which can only download from the repository, this account should be used by RoboServer when using the RepositoryRobotLibrary, this user can't log in interactivly

Kapplet Admin

A user who can view, run and edit Kapplets

Kapplet User

A user who can view and run Kapplets

Project Admin

A role which can do everything except change administrative settings (e.g. clusters, cluster settings, DB mappings, device mappings

Password Store Client An add-on permission that, if granted, must be combined with another role to allow the user access to Password Store. Effective Kapow v10.3.0.6 and newer, this role can now be assigned without combining with another role.
DAS Client User A user who can register a DAS to a Management Console. This user should be used in the DAS Configuration Tool.


Please see the attached document for a list of all roles and their permissions on the Management Console.

Roles and Permissions.xlsx


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