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How to select options from a drop-down in the chromium (CEF) browser



This Knowledgebase article details a particular situation when selecting options from a drop-down in the chromium (CEF) browser when these are <option> tags inside of a <select> tag (in the page DOM).

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Note: Always check what type of tag is the drop-down. For example, if the tag is a <div> and all options are <div> tags as well, configure the robot to click on the drop-down and then click directly the option it needs to choose.

The information below applies to the cases when the drop down is a <select> tag.

For example:



To select an option from this drop down, we cannot use the <option> tags from under the <select> because this type of element doesn't have bounds so the mouse click won't work.

To select an option in a drop down (a <select> tag), follow these steps:

  1. Click on the <select> tag to open the list of options.
  2. After the click, there will be a new element created under window > ui called drop_down_list

  3. The drop_down_list element contains all the options from the drop down and they can be selected from here:
  4. Therefore, the step that will select the option will be a Click in which the component selector will be

    drop_down_list > option

    with a setting to match an attribute value or text.
    E.g. to match "Algeria" which is in a text variable:



Applies to:  

Product Version Category
RPA 10.3 + Desktop Automation


Author:  Delia Milchis

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