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"Error Creating Excel instance..." Error in Desktop Automation Step Opening Excel Document


Question / Problem: 

When executing an Open step to open an Excel document, the following error is displayed: "Error executing command: Error creating Excel instance: Exception: Unknown error (0). Location:..." What causes this and how can it be resovled?

Answer / Solution: 

One cause is related to the Identity property of the Excel DCOM component. To fix this, perform the following on the machine where Excel and RoboServer are running (Excel must be installed on the RoboServer for robots to run these steps):

1. Start | Run | mmc comexp.msc /32 

2. Expand Console Root | Component Services | Computers | My Computers | DCOM Config and select Microsoft Excel

3. Right-click Microsoft Excel and select Properties.


4. From the Identity tab, verify the option is set to The launching user. If not, change it to that setting.

5. Click the Security tab and verify the following:

a. Launch and Activation Permissions  | Customize | Local Launch and Local Activation are set for the user running RoboServer.

6. Save and exit the DCOM configuration utility.

7. Restart RoboServer and retest.

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