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"Reserved" Status of Device/Desktop

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Question / Problem: 

I found that one of our Devices/Desktops was in "Reserved" Status.
When does Device/Desktop become "Reserved" Status?

Answer / Solution: 

"Reserved" status of the Device/Desktop Automation Service(DAS) on Management Console is the state between the moment where Management Console hands the DAS to a robot and the robot connecting to the DAS.

When a robot (either from Design Studio or Robot Server) requests a device/desktop from the Management Console the following happens

1. An available device/desktop with correct label is found.
2. The device/desktop is marked as "Reserved" such that it cannot be handed out to another robot.
3. The connection information is given back to Design Studio or Robot Server.
4. The robot connects to the device/desktop PC.
5. When the device/desktop PC receives a connection it signals the Management Console that it is "In_use".

Applies to:  

Product Version
RPA 10
RPA 11