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'Local DA service did not return in time' Error

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This error appears during a robot run but randomly. What does this mean and how can it be resolved?

Note: in earlier versions of RPA the issue causing this error was not caught and it was returning a general DeviceIssue:

Error calling Desktop Automation Service: JS Configuration.localHub: true


Desktop Automation steps have a timeout of 4 minutes. This is a global timeout to allow the robot to stop if there is an issue connecting to the local Desktop Automation service (instead of forever waiting for the connection)



Try adding a guarded choice to wait a few seconds.

For Custom Action step

Review the program the step is calling to see if it takes longer than 4 minutes to return a result.

If the program runs for more than 4 minutes the solution depends if the robot needs the completion status or not:

  • if no: change the 'wait' property to false (so the step doesn't wait for the program to execute)
  • if yes: this will require a wrapper or a change to the program to pass this status through a file and the robot to poll for this file, either directly, or through another connector interface that is created specifically for this purpose.


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Article # 3047123