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Cannot connect to Oracle 12c database at RoboServer log setting


Question / Problem: 

We have switched the database from SQL server to Oracle 12c.
After that, we can login to Management Console but get error below when we tried to change the log database setting at Admin --> RoboServer setting tab.

  Error connecting to the database: Cannot get a connection, pool error Could not create a validated object, cause: 
Could not initialize class oracle.jdbc.driver.DynamicByteArray 


Answer / Solution: 

Please use ojdbc-6.jar driver of C:\Program Files\<version>\lib\thirdparty\ folder  under the Kofax RPA install directory.

Copy the ojdbc-6.jar file to the Tomcat library folder and restart the tomcat.

Applies to:  

Product Version
RPA 10.x



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