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Definition of type does not match the table definitions in database after upgrading to v10.3


This Knowledgebase article details a known issue that will affect robots built in previous Kapow versions and upgraded to v10.3 that store data in Microsoft SQL database tables.   20515

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When opening the robot in Design Studio v10.3 the following message is shown:

Definition of type <typeName> does not match table definitions in database <DB
name> which is referenced by mapping <mapping name>.
To fix the problem, create or re-create the table in the database. Note that if
the table already exists, any data it contains will be deleted.

However, the table exists in the database referenced by the mapping as it had been created using the type from the previous Kapow version.


Starting in v10.3 of Kapow, Microsoft SQL 2008 is no longer supported. Together with this, if a type contains a Date variable, Kapow will create a column with type DATETIME2 in the database table (previously this was a DATETIME type).

Because of this, the definitions of any tables created by Kapow version 10.2 or older will not match the definitions that Kapow 10.3 expects.


Note: Even while this message is shown in Design Studio, the robot will still work since the Date variable can still be stored in a database table using the DATETIME type.
However, best practice is to upgrade the table definition.

To upgrade the table definition, don't drop and recreate the table since this will lose all data that it already contains. Instead, use ALTER TABLE to update the type of the columns containing dates: each column corresponding to a Date attribute in the type should be updated.

Also, the following three fields that the robot adds automatically: FirstExtracted, LastExtracted, LastUpdated.


If the type name is "Book" and contains the following attributes:

  • ID (shortText)
  • Title (shortText)
  • Author (longText)
  • releaseDate (Date)

The ALTER TABLE statements needed are:

alter table Book ALTER COLUMN releaseDate DATETIME2;
alter table Book ALTER COLUMN FirstExtracted DATETIME2;
alter table Book ALTER COLUMN LastExtracted DATETIME2;
alter table Book ALTER COLUMN LastUpdated DATETIME2;

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