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Desktop Automation - KapowLock is not working

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If I try to use the LockScreen feature of RPA Desktop Automation, then this is not working.

After clicking on "lock screen", either nothing happens or just a dialog is shown which asks for credentials but after entering them. the screen is also not locked.


If Windows is configured to show an extra screen when the user logs in, Lock Screen tries to detect this
extra screen and dismiss it by pressing OK. If this screen is not dismissed, the action may fail. When
an extra screen is detected, the Lock Screen feature dismisses it three seconds after the connection
with the system is established. If automatic detection fails or three seconds do not suffice, add a
KAPOW_LEGALNOTICE_SECONDS system variable in the environment variables on your automated
device, and set the number of seconds in the Variable value field to wait before dismissing the window
after the connection. Restart the Desktop Automation Service after adding the variable.

Additionally the following requirements should be fulfilled.

• Remote Desktop connection must be enabled.
• The user under which the Desktop Automation Service runs must be allowed to connect via Remote Desktop (as a member of the Admin group or the Remote Desktop group) and use a password.
• The effective group policy of Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host > Security > "Always prompt for password upon connection" must be off.
• Port 3389 must be open.
• The Automation Device cannot be a domain controller.

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Article # 3035868