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Desktop Automation robot cannot select icons on desktop after pressing Win+D keys



Desktop Automation robot presses Win+D to show desktop but afterwards it cannot select icons anymore.


The root cause of this behavior is the way Windows handles icons when Win+D is used.

Win+D key combination is a shortcut for hide /unhide desktop.

Before the keys are pressed the icons on the desktop are listed under the "Program Manager" pane:


After Win+D is pressed, the icons are hidden in another pane (with className WorkerW):


Because of this the DA robot can't identify the icon elements to show them in the automation tree.


If the goal of using Win+D is to minimize all windows and show desktop, Kofax recommends using Win+M instead. This key combination doesn't hide icons in another pane so they are available later in the robot automation tree as well.


Applies to:  

Product Version
RPA 10.0 and later



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