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Device screen is black in the Device Automation workflow

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When the robot loads the Device Automation screen in the step workflow, the screen is black and finders don't work.



This can happen if:

- the device screen was locked (using Start > Lock screen) and not the "Lock Screen" feature from the Device Automation menu options (the system tray icon menu). This action will not allow the robot to see the screen


- there is an active Remote Desktop session (to the device) and the RDP window has been minimized in the task. This action puts windows in a gui-less mode and the robot won't be able to see the screen



  1. If the device was locked from Start > Lock screen, use an Open step to open a headless RDP connection to the device. See section "Use RDP Connection" in the User's Guide for more information.
  2. If an active RDP session is minimized, the easiest is to just avoid this. E.g. If you have multiple windows, move the RDP window to a different screen and leave it maximized. Or, if this is not possible, simply switch between the RDP and Design Studio windows, instead of minimizing the RDP window to task bar.


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