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Duplicated Mnemonics in Design Studios

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Design Studios gets an exception with the following message: 

Exception message:
Duplicated mnemonics in the menuItem: <path to a robot, type or snippet>

Stack trace:
com.kapowtech.lang.ApplicationError: Duplicated mnemonics in the menuItem: 14 BHI CC - C:\...\BHI C&C\Input.type
at kapow.util.gui.GUIUtil.assignMnemonicsToMenuItem(



Clear the opened robots/projects by renaming  ide.systemproperties file from the Configuration folder in the Kapow/Kofax RPA application data folder (it will be recreated when Design Studios is restarted). E.g. renamed the file to old_ide.systemproperties.

Note: Versions with "Kapow" in the name will have the application data folder called "Kapow" in the Local folder of AppData while version with "RPA" in the name will have the application data folder in the "Kofax RPA" folder in the same Local folder of AppData. 




C:\Users\KapowUser\AppData\Local\Kofax RPA\\Configuration\ide.systemproperties


Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
RPA 10.4 and later      
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