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ERR_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT_NEEDED Error Logging Into Website using Chromium (CEF)

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Error appears when attempting to log into a website that requires a client certificate. Other symptoms include spinning during page load in CEF and / or "Fail to Load URL" error message. Also related to "ERR_SSL_DECRYPT_ERROR_ALERT" error. This happens after upgrading to RPA v11.3.



Chromium defect - commonly with redirects after signing into the web site that requires client certificates.



Bug 1820383: ERR_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT_NEEDED during sign-on redirects


Possible workarounds to try:

1. Backup and modify cef.cfg located in <RPA Install Dir>:\Program Files\<RPA Version>\nativelib\hub\windows-x64\<version>\node_modules\cef

2. Add the following line: chrome:disable-request-handling-for-testing


sample (2).png

3. Save the file.

4. Restart Design Studio and retest.


This issue is a bug in the Chromium engine used in RPA 11.3. For more details:


Alternatively, test using RPA v11.2.0.7 or newer prior to 11.3. There was an issue with RPA with not properly providing a certificate to the website (1759582 - CEF failed if web page asked for optional certificate and it was not provided).

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RPA 11.3      




Article # 3047632
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