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Error connecting to Management Console when getting DAS mapping, DB mapping or accessing Password Store

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When running a robot from Management Console, it runs into errors connecting to Management Console when attempting to use a Desktop Automation Service (DAS) mapping, database mapping or lookup a password in Password store.


  • Errors 404 or 401
  • " Connection refused"
  • "There is no device matching the requirements"
  • Error from the Lookup Password action. Error connecting to repository: Repository responded with an error: HTTP/1.1 404


All mappings and Password stores are located on the Management Console.

When a robot is started, it's actually sent to a RoboServer to run. If the robot needs a DAS/DB mapping or has to access the Password store, it will have to go back to the Management Console to get this information. The Management Console that it will go to is the Management Console to which the RoboServer is registered.

Therefore, connection errors received when a robot is trying to get DAS/DB mapping or access the password store are directly related to the connection between the RoboServer and its Management Console.

Troubleshooting steps
  1. Find out which RoboServer did the robot run when the error was logged. The server name can be found in the Robot Run logs (Management Console > Logs tab)
  2. Find out to which Management Console is the RoboServer registering.
    There are two locations where the Management Console can be specified:
    • In the RoboServer Settings - to check this, open RoboServer Settings with the user that runs the process (e.g. the logon user, for a windows service). The MC information is on the "General" tab.
    • As a parameter in the RoboServer start command (-mcUrl) - For more information: all parameters are listed in the Administrator Guide > Runtime > RoboServer > Start RoboServer.

      Note: to simplify configuration, use only one of these methods, not both.
  3. Error 401 (Unauthorized) is usually related to the credentials for the MC (wrong credentials, expired, wrong password etc)
  4. Error 404 (Not found) is usually related to the MC url (e.g. wrong url, mis-spelled) or missing mapping (e.g. the robot is started from MC1 where the mappings exist, but the RoboServer registers to a second MC where these mappings don't exist)


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Kofax RPA 10.0 and later      


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