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HTML attribute in form not showing in DS tree

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HTML attribute in form not showing in DS tree




The root cause of the form data displaying issue is the JavaScript asyncronous interface, which is not supported by WebKit browser. 



We managed to retrieve form data with following workaround JavaScript replacements:

1\ From 'async function ' to 'function ' -- please note space character after function keyword

2\ From 'return await fetch(dataUri).then(res => res.blob());' to 'return fetch(dataUri).then(function(res) { res.blob() });'

3\ From 'var imageBlob = await dataUriToBlob(dataUri);' to 'var imageBlob = dataUriToBlob(dataUri);'

You can create this replacements from Configure Robot -> Basic -> Default Options: Configure...-> JavaScript Execution -> JavaScript changes -> + -> Text Formatting -> Replace Text.

Each replace must be done separately (+ -> Text Formatting -> Replace Text).


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Robotic Process Automation 11.2 and other      


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Article # 3045872