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How to capture a heap dump

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To capture a heap dump from the roboserver at the time of a server crash because of memory issues do the following:

# Un-comment the following lines if the JVM should make a heap dump on out-of-memory
# Adapt the path of the heap dump to a place where the process has write access
# The timeout is increased to allow more time for writing the heap to disk
# wrapper.jvm_exit.timout=600
# wrapper.shutdown.timeout=600
# wrapper.ignore_sequence_gaps=TRUE

The file is the common.conf file located at:
    Windows - C:\Program Files\KapowKatalyst[version]\bin
    Linux - ~/KapowKatalyst[version]/bin

After the change has been made the roboserver will need to be restarted.

Keywords: Kapow java, heap dump, Kapow, Robotic Process Automation

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