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How to enable Debugging Tools for the Chromium browser (CEF)


After completing this how-to you will be able to follow the execution of the steps run in the Chromium browser (CEF) in Design Studio. This is helpful when debugging robot issues (e.g. page load issues, problems clicking or submitting forms).

Keep in mind: the Chromium browser is only available in Kapow versions 10.3 and later and has to be used inside a Device Automation step (using an Open Step).

 Enable Debugging Tools

  • Navigate to the Kapow Installation folder (by default C:\Program Files\Kapow <version>\)
  • go into \nativelib\hub\windows-x32\<id>\node_modules\cef
  • open cef.cfg in a text editor
  • un-comment this line (i.e. remove leading #):

    chrome:remote-debugging-port = 9222

    Note: port 9222 can be changed if needed.
  • Save cef.cfg
  • Restart Design Studio.

Debugging Tools Usage

  • Open Google Chrome browser on the same machine as Design Studio
  • Load http://localhost:9222 (if the port was changed in the previous section, use the correct port)
  • At this point, since there is no page loaded by Chromium in Design Studio, Debugging Tools will only show:

  • Open the Device Automation workflow in Design Studio and run the first Open Step.
  • Refresh the Debugging Tools window and it will contain a link to the debug page for the url that was just loaded:

  • Click this link to access the debug information:
  • This page can be used in the same way as Google Chrome's Developer Tools.



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