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How to troubleshoot "Tag Finder" errors

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The robot gets this error during the execution:

"The <StepName> step requires a found tag, but the tag finder did not find any tag. There is no tag that matches the tag path."



A "Tag finder" error occurs in two situations:

  1. The tag doesn't even exist (e.g. table, button, link that hasn't been loaded by the robot either because the page is still loading or because of other errors - e.g. java script related)
  2. The tag is present on the page but the attributes in the tag finder of the step don't match it anymore
    E.g. a click step that was initially configured to click on an row (tr) with class="row-12345"
    but the ID later changes. The click step won't be able to find the row when its class is (for example) class = "row-45678"

When this error occurs in Design Studio, it's easier to catch because you can check the browser view (to see if the tag is there) and the DOM view (to see the HTML tag and current attributes).

When this happens on the RoboServer, you can use the following method to troubleshoot:

  1. before the step in the error message, add these steps:
    • Extract Screenshot ( to an image or binary variable)
    • Extract HTML (to a LongText or HTML variable)
    • Add steps to save these variables to files (Write File steps)
      Recommendation: Use a timestamp in the files names. This will help mostly in the cases where the steps are included in a loop to avoid the files from being overwritten on the next iterations.
  2. Run the robot on the RoboServer.
  3. When the error happens again, check the screenshot (to see if the tag is even present on the page) and the HTML (to see if the current attributes of the tag match the attributes from the steps' tag finder).


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