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Incapsula software blocking robot usage.


Question / Problem: 

Some sites have implemented usage of Incapsula which is a blocking technology to prevent robotic access.

Incapsula looks for patterns of repetition from a particular IP or set of actions done frequently in short time periods.

Proxies do not work even with rolling IP's.

Answer / Solution: 

The best solution, outside of asking the website administrators to "unblock" an IP, etc, would be to break out robot executions to happen from a number of Roboservers. 

10 to 15 runs per Roboserver, then pause for a few minutes or so, then run again.

Depending on how many executions of a particular robot would need to be tested against a suite of roboservers and delays to determine a solution.

Applies to:  

Product Version Category
Kofax RPA All Troubleshooting


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