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Internal Error: Could Not Convert Excel Document To Bytes



After upgrading to 10.5 my robot throws an Internal Error when writing Excel data to a file or modifying an Excel variable.

  • In the “Details”section, the error is "com.kapowtech.lang.ApplicationError: Could not convert Excel document to bytes. at
  • A "zip bomb detected" error may also occur in Design Studio. 


This error is related to the compression rate applied to the Excel data. A robot with Set Content Step can cause this issue.


There are two options to resolve this issue.

Option 1: Change all of the Set Content Steps to Set Value steps and then leave the Format empty. 

Option 2: Upgrade to Kofax RPA where this issue is already fixed.


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
Kofax RPA 10.5 Excel



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