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Kapow Katalyst on Linux - "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file"

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The problem is that the Linux server is missing a required graphic library that is needed by the Webkit Browser Engine process. Even though the robot will not be rendering any actual graphics when run on RoboServer, the required libraries must be present for the process to start-up.  If you run the "ldd" command on the file "kapowbrowser" (do a grep under the Kapow Install Directory to find the file), it will show you the dependencies for that executable and you'll likely see that the file mentioned is listed as missing.   This issue can occur on some Linux systems that were installed with a very minimal set of packages for use as a headless server. Installing packages that provide the needed libraries should resolve.      

Recommendation from Kapow R&D on where to retrieve the needed graphic library files:  

Tested on Centos 5.6:
yum install zlib  

On Ubuntu 12/13: 
sudo apt-get install libX11-6 libgl1-mesa-glx libXext6  

Keywords: Kapow Enterprise 9.3.x

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