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Kofax RPA - When an Edit or Execute SQL button is greyed out

This article describes the most common reason that a button can appear greyed out in RPA Design Studio.

Question / Problem: 

Why is the "Execute SQL" button or the "Edit" button greyed out?

Answer / Solution: 

When the button appears to not be available it is usually because it was accessed by right clicking on the step (i.e Query Database step) and configured there.  To avoid this condition you need to run the robot (in Design Studio) to that step in the robot then access the configuration in the right side pane (where the step is listed when the robot gets there) then configure that step from that section (see images below:

The condition when right clicking the step to configure it:





The condition when running the robot to the step to configure it:


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
RPA - Kapow 10.X Troubleshooting


Author:  Randy Saucerman

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