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Troubleshooting error message "Could not establish connection to WebKitBrowser: Failed to connect to bus <path to DBus>"


This error message might occur when a Webkit (Default) robot is run and it reflects a problem with the D-Bus inter-process communication system. When a Webkit (Default) robot is run, the RoboServer starts a new kapowbrowser.exe process for it, and the D-Bus system allows the kapowbrowser process to communicate with the RoboServer process. Classic robots are executed in the same Java process used by the RoboServer, which is why they're not affected by this particular issue.

 Here is a smple of this error as it might be logged by the RoboServer:

 RoboServer reported the following error: 
 ServerErrorResponse(date=5/29/2015 3:26:39 PM,errorMessage="Robot execution with execution id db8c56090000002c failed. Execution failed. Could not establish connection to WebKitBrowser: Failed to connect to bus C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\KapowKatalyst\9.3.5\.dbus-keyrings\org_freedesktop_general (The system cannot find the path specified)

 The D-Bus system needs to access a file path in the application data folder, which is ordinarily stored in AppData\Local\ inside the home folder for the user account executing RoboServer (please see "Important folders in Kapow Katalyst in the InstallGuide for more detail about the application data folder).

 The directory path indicated in the above error message (C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\KapowKatalyst\9.3.5\) suggests that the RoboServer might be running as a service using the local system account. 
 When the user running the RoboServer (e.g. the user running the service that launches the RoboServer) is not the Local System account, the path in the error message will be

 C:\Users\<the name of the user running RoboServer\AppData\Local\KapowKatalyst\<version>

 This error occurs when the user running RoboServer does not have enough permissions

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