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Local Automation robot loses focus

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Question / Problem: 

A robot using Local Automation (i.e. Desktop Automation on the same machine as Design Studio) works, at least the first time, but also gets this error on subsequent runs:

Execution has been paused because of an error.
DeviceIssue at step: 'Move Mouse'.
Desktop Automation Service failed during execution of the request. The component to MoveMouse to cannot be found in the application.

Answer / Solution: 

This issue is caused by the robot losing focus on the application which can happen when using local automation (this is because the robot is actively using one application while the robot developer is actively working on another application -Design Studio - interrupting the robot's focus).

To avoid this issue you can:

  1. make sure the location is not "seen" twice: once in the real location, on the application that the robot is automating and the second in Design Studio on the Recorder View. Switch the tabs in Recorder View to a different app when executing the robot steps.
  2. restore the focus in between robot runs by, for example, clicking on the desktop (not on an icon or app).

Applies to:  

Product Version
RPA 10.3 and later


Article # 3041532