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Most frequent errors in the Desktop Automation logs

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The table below contains the most frequent errors. If you see an error not in this table, please contact Kofax Technical Support




Error Message Resolution

Module automationnative not found” in DAS logs

Microsoft KB 2999226 is missing (see section 1. Prerequisites)

Java access bridge failed to initialize” in DAS logs

Two possible causes:

  • Java Access Bridge is really not installed. Please refer to Prerequisites, section 1.3 in this document
  • Java Bridge is initialized but it’s the 64 bit version. It is very important that Java 32 bit is installed. Please refer to section 1.2 in this document.

Additionally, see Knowledgebase article 308717.

Syntax error: Unexpected Token” in DAS logs

The Management Console settings in the DAS Configuration Tool are wrong.
Examples: missing/mistyped, port, server name, protocol
Please verify.

“Error pinging Management Console: connect ERRCONREFUSED in DAS logs

Management Console not responding. Either the DAS can’t connect or the Management Console settings in the Configuration Tool are wrong.

Please verify

“Server Error: listen EADDRINUSE” in DAS logs

Command/Stream ports are in use (the error will also mention the port). Please stop the process using them or assign different ports for DAS.

Error in Design Studio/RoboServer when attempting to use the DA workflow:

“No available Automation Device using <yourLabel>. There is no device matching requirements”


“No available Automation Device using <yourLabel>. Device matching requirements were busy”.

This is because Design Studio/RoboServer can’t reach the Device Automation.
Possible reasons:

  • DAS stopped (check on DAS machine)
  • DAS in use (check on MC -> Admin -> Devices)
  • DAS can’t be reached:
    • check that the name registered in MC -> Admin -> Devices can be reached from the DS/RS machine. Or, when using Single User from DS, the “Host” configured on the Device Mapping
    • check that the DAS machine can also be reached on the configured ports (command and stream)

The “Edit” button to edit the workflow in Design Studio is disabled

This is caused by the robot being in “Minimal Execution” mode (see section 4.1.4) To change the robot execution mode, open Robot Configuration (File à Configure Robot) and change the setting on the “Design mode” tab

“Internal Error” when clicking Edit in Design Studio (stack error after clicking “Details” shows: “Could not start the local Automation Service […]Caused by: com.kapowtech.hub.HubException: error executing command: The specified module could not be found

Microsoft KB 2999226 is missing on the machine where Design Studio is running.

ERROR LockScreen - Kapowlock: [...] - Error: protocol security negotiation or connection failure in DAS log (after attempting to use the "Lock Screen" feature) Requirements for "Lock screen" are not met (see User Guide for a complete list of requirements). Most probably, Remote Access is disabled on the DAS machine.
"Failure in SetCursorPos" in the DAS log See Knowledgebase article #308480
"Failed to register hot key. Error: 1409" in the DAS log This can occur if there are two or more robots with the same trigger. 
DeviceIssue. Error executing command: Unknown Device Automation Service

This error can occur if:

  • the DAS loses network connection (at the time it's running a robot)
  • the DAS has crashed (look for "terminated unexpectedly" in the logs)



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Kofax RPA 10.0 and later      


Desktop Automation


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