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No RoboServer available

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I have ManagementConsole installed with cluster. My problem is that if two RoboServer are online, I get the error that no RoboServer is available. If I stop one RoboServer on any server, RoboServer is available and the robot is running. Any idea why it is not possible to have both RoboServer services online?



Such situation can happen if 1 CRE license is assigned to cluster and Static license distribution is used in cluster. 

In this distribution mode, CREs are distributed evenly between online RoboServers in the cluster. A CRE is an integral unit, and you cannot split one CRE among multiple RoboServers. For example, if you have six CREs but five RoboServers in a cluster, each RoboServer gets one CRE; therefore, one CRE remains unused.

Note The number of CREs in a cluster must be equal to or bigger than that of RoboServers. If you assign fewer CREs to a cluster than the number of RoboServers present in the cluster, the cluster is disabled.


To adjust the number of CREs, in the Action column for the cluster, from the  context menu for a cluster, click Assign CRE. This action opens the Assign license units pane where you can adjust the number of license units and see how many units are available in total and how many remain.



Please assign equal or more CRE licenses to the cluster as RoboServers connected, or change the license distribution to Dynamic. 

In this distribution mode, RoboServers receive the licenses from the cluster per request. A RoboServer can get as many licenses as it requests if they are available. In this mode, RoboServers communicate only with the Management Console and block other requests, such as API calls. If you encounter any problems establishing the connection between a RoboServer and a Management Console, switch server logging to DEBUG level and check the logs. See Logging for details.

Important Dynamic license distribution mode is supported by Kofax RPA version 10.2 and later. Version 10.7 and later support this mode immediately after installation. To use dynamic license distribution, in versions 10.2 to 10.6, install the latest fix pack for the corresponding version. See Enable Dynamic License Distribution Mode in the Kofax RPA Upgrade Guide.

Note In the Dynamic license distribution mode, if you want to reestablish the connection between a RoboServer and a Management Console after the Management Console is restarted, restart the RoboServer.

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Article # 3040824
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