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Numerical values entered in Set Content of Cell differ between versions

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Numerical values entered in Set Content of Cell differ between version.

The issue can be easily reproduced following these steps:

1. Enter the number "00404040" in the ShortText variable.

2. Input the variable into Excel with Set Content of Cell. At this time, the format is empty.

3. The entered values are different between and, "00404040" will be entered. For, "404040" will be entered.


There was a bug (1313377Cannot set formulas in Excel using variable nor expression) where the way input in Set Content of Cell was different for values than for variables and expression. After that was fixed, content was interpreted in the same way as Excel does it. That is, if a value can be interpreted as a number it would get cell type number, etc. The purpose of the Set Content of Cell was to set content in the way Excel does it. If one wanted to set a value of a specific type there is another step action: Set Value of Cell which does exactly that.

However, this is not a bug, but fixing the mentioned bug can cause some backwards compatibility problems.


Unfortunately, we haven't found any workaround still.

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Article # 3040415
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