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ParamsModel Error when changing the OCR language


Question / Problem: 

The following errors
 ERROR DAS - ParamsModel::Incomplete line
 ERROR DAS - ParamsModel::Unknown parameter

 can be seen in the Desktop Automation Service logs after switching the OCR language in Kofax RPA.

Answer / Solution:

Kofax RPA uses the Tesseract OCR engine to capture text from images. By default, Kofax RPA installs the English language for OCR  but this can be changed following the instructions in the User Guide.

When following the procedure to change the language make sure to use the traineddata file for the Tesseract version used in your Kofax RPA version.

The errors above are logged when using the traineddata files meant for a different Tesseract version.

Here is the list of Kofax RPA versions and their corresponding Tesseract versions:

Kofax RPA versions Tesseract version
10.2 and Earlier 3
10.3 - 11.0 (including for Intelligent Screen Automation) 3


Applies to:  

Product Version
RPA 10.0 and Later



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