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RPA/DTS - Sentiment project: Failed to create NLP process: No language has been specified

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Question / Problem: 

When I run the sample Sentiment project which is delivered with RPA/DTS, then I receive the following error message:

Request failed with response code 500: Internal Server Error: Failed to process all tasks. Errors: Processing for document document -> BeforeExtraction: BeforeExtract: The execution of a locator method failed. Class = "Default", Locator = "Sentiment", Original error message: Failed to create NLP process: No language has been specified.;

How can this problem be solved?

Answer / Solution: 

This issue is seen if no language is selected for Natural Language Processing on class level in DTS/KTM.



If no language can be selected, then it is necessary to install the NLP Language Bundles.

They can be found on in the RPA Package.


Applies to:  

Product Version
RPA 10.6
RPA 10.7



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