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Robots are stuck in ACQUIRED state or "Task queued"

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Question / Problem: 

All robots are stuck in ACQUIRED state in Task View (regardless on how they are started: manually, schedule etc)

Or, in v11.1 and Later they are stuck in "Task queued" (Logs >Task Messages) and never move to "Task running".

Answer / Solution: 

This can be caused by the RoboServer not being able to register to the Management Console. To verify this, check the RoboServer log files or Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application. An event like

Unable to register to the Production cluster: . Retrying...

confirms that the RoboServer is not able to register to the Management Console.

Note: the RoboServer might appear Online in the Management Console > Admin > RoboServers even if it's not able to register to the Management Console by itself. This can happen if the RoboServer was manually added in Management Console.

Troubleshooting steps

To resolve this issue, the registration problem needs to be fixed. Follow the steps below to find the root cause:

  1. Find out on which RoboServer did the robot run, when the error was logged. The server name can be found in the Robot Run logs (Management Console > Logs tab)
  2. Find out to which Management Console is the RoboServer registering.
    There are two locations where the Management Console can be specified:
    • In the RoboServer Settings - to check this, open RoboServer Settings with the user that runs the process (e.g. the logon user, for a windows service). The MC information is on the "General" tab.
    • As a parameter in the RoboServer start command (-mcUrl) - For more information: all parameters are listed in the Administrator Guide > Runtime > RoboServer > Start RoboServer.

      Note: to simplify configuration, use only one of these methods, not both.

Make sure all the Management Console connection settings (URL, credentials, cluster name) are correct. Please keep in mind the application name when using Tomcat (e.g. /ManagementConsole) and the cluster name (e.g. Production) are case sensitive.

To verify a RoboServer can register to Management Console after the settings are corrected you can remove it from Management Console > Admin > RoboServers and restart the RoboServer. If the RoboServer is automatically added in the cluster and appears Online this verifies its ability to register to the Management Console and the robots run on it should not get stuck in the ACQUIRED state/ "Task queued" again.


Applies to:  

Product Version
RPA 10.7 and Later