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Running a Kapow Kapplet fails


This article provides more detail about one particular root cause that could cause a Kapow Kapplet execution to fail. 13310


When running the Kapplet, it briefly shows "Server offline" under "Result History" and then this changes to "FAILED".

If the robot run by the Kapplet is run on a RoboServer (from Management Console) or in Design Studio, it runs without issues.


The Kapplet was created in a project that doesn't have a Service Cluster configured.


  1. Find out in what project was the Kapplet created:
    1. From Kappzone, click on the Edit button corresponding to this Kapplet
    2. Go to "IDENTITY" and note the project name
  2. Configure the Service Cluster on the project:
    1. Go to the Management Console --> Admin --> Projects
    2. Click the Edit button corresponding to the projects (the one that contains the failing Kapplet)
    3. go to the "Services" tab
    4. Configure the "Service Cluster" (this will be the cluster on which the robot will run when started by the Kapplet)
    5. Click "OK" to save the settings
  3. Go back to Kappzone and re-execute the Kapplet

Keywords: Kapow Kapplet, Kapow, Robotic Process Automation

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