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SAP must be active for a key function to work.

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The PressKey can not enter the Enter key to saplogon.exe (SAP) which was started by an open step if SAP is not active.



The observed behavior is the expected one but not a bug. The Click and Press Key steps send the event information into the Windows system message queue from there they are routed to the active window by the system. If saplogon isn't an active application it will never receive those events. The open step doesn't guarantee that the opened application becomes active.

The application specified in the configuration for the Press Key and Click steps may affect some aspects of the step execution (for example, for the KeyPress it help to choose the correct keyboard layout associated with the target application) but it doesn't make the specified application active.

Clicking on the saplogon title bar can be used as a workaround. This makes the saplogon application active and hence after this the key press and mouse click events go to saplogon as expected. 


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Kofax RPA 10.2 and higher      


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