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Schedules wont stop on occasion


Question / Problem: 

Sometimes a schedule won't stop even though the robot(s) within it are finished without errors.

This is specific to SQL Server as the database.

Answer / Solution: 

If you see robots are having errors related to not being able to write to the log database then this will put the schedules in a state where the only way to clean it up is to delete and recreate it.

The basic problem is that if the schedule isn't recreated it will not run again because it thinks it's already running because it's robot(s) doesn't get a stop time.

In looking at the roboserver logs if you see where the roboserver reported that the logs couldn't be written to because the database was in a kill state then this needs to go to the customer database/server team to identify why the database isn't available.


Applies to:  

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Kofax RPA All



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