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Sporadic File Download Issues From Website

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What are some best practices for resolving random file download issues via a robot ("No such file or directory open")?



  1. Try adding an extract image step and write that to disk. Do that before and after the download step to see what the web page looks like while the robot is attempting the download. Remember to enable Files System Access in RoboServerSettings.exe so the file can be saved to disk.
  2. Add waits / guarded choices to add time. Sometimes server latency caused by disk i/o or other processes can slow down large file downloads.
  3. If you are using 11.3 and building robots in Chromium ("CEF"), implement a loop that attempts to rename the file using File System Access' Rename File step. It implements a DeviceIssue exception. As long as there is an error, it can be presume the file is still being downloaded. Once the file gets renamed, that means it's no longer locked and likely downloaded. Refer to Online Help for more information on File System Access.


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Article # 3047252