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Tree information and DA Editor does not appear during development in Local Desktop Automation


Question / Problem: 

This problem occurs when using Design Studio on the same machine that a DAS utility is also running on.6

When this occurs, the DA tree information is not built, and icons and text areas cannot be selected.

In addition, the DA Editor does not appear in some application tabs.


The following are the most likely conditions that can cause this behavior:

- When several applications are displayed on the DA Editor tab and are running.

   (in our testing we used four or more)

- When operating a PC that has been running for a long period of time

   (more than half a day)

- If you are using more than one monitor

- If you are using a PC for other tasks and not just for DA development

Answer / Solution: 

This problem is caused by a limitation within the Windows GUI.


There are a few possible workarounds that can be applied:

1. Restart the DS and DAS processes.

2. Restart the PC.

3. Prepare a separate DA machine.


Applies to:  

Product Version
RPA 10.x