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Troubleshooting "Restore failed. The backup is too old" when restoring a Management Console backup

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This article details an error that will occur when restoring a backup file into a Management Console.


When restoring the backup file in Management Console, the following error is thrown:

Restore failed. The backup is too old. It must be from version 9.2 or newer.
If you need to restore an older backup, first restore it into version 9.2 and then create a new backup from there


Version 9.2 introduced the centralized version of the Management Console. Because of this, any backup taken from a pre-9.2 version can't be directly restored on a post-9.2 version of the Management Console.


The backup has to be restored in a 9.2 Management Console then a new backup has to be created here. The second backup can be restored into any post-9.2 version.  

Kofax Support would reconfigure this backup so customers don't need to install version 9.2 just for migration purposes.

Please open a new case on the Kofax Customer Portal, attach the backup taken from the pre-9.2 Management Console and mention the version in which the backup needs to be restored.