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Troubleshooting error "Could not find the application that fired the trigger"

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A trigger robot using "Application started" trigger is started but fails to run and the error below is logged in the Robot Messages log:

Error from the Desktop Automation action. Exception: TriggerIssue. Could not find the application that fired the trigger. Location: "Trigger Choice"


This can happen with applications that load a splash screen when starting (e.g. Microsoft Excel)

The splash screen and the actual application have the same name (e.g. EXCEL.EXE) so the robot is triggered when the splash screen is detected by the Desktop Automation Service. By the time the robot is about to run the next steps, the splash screen disappears so the robot cannot find the application that triggered it anymore.


There isn't a known workaround that can be applied to the robot or the RoboServer/DAS setting.

To avoid this error, start applications without the splash screen (when possible).

E.g. for Microsoft Excel the /e parameter will stop the startup screen from appearing (source)

So Excel will be opened as excel.exe /e <path to Excel file>

Note that this doesn't open a new workbook.

Applies to:  

Product Version
RPA 10.3 and Later