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Troubleshooting the "Could not load Robot Runs" after upgrade to Kofax RPA 10.7



  1. when attempting to access the Robot Run log from the Management Console > Logs tab this error is thrown:

    "Could not load Robot Run"
  2. In the Management Console log4j logs the following error can be found:

    Could not load Robot runs. [...] Internal Exception: Invalid column name 'MINUTESSAVED'.



The RoboServer log Database tables can change from version to version. Kofax recommends that a new database is used for logs when the RPA version is upgraded.


There are two possible options to solve this:

Option 1

Create a new (empty) database for the RoboServer logs and add it in Management Console > Admin > Settings > RoboServer log database. If the user provided here can create tables, they will be created when the settings are saved.
If the user cannot create tables, they have to be manually created by the DBA. The statements to create them are in the Kofax RPA 10.7 installation folder under /documentation/SQL/logdb - select the create statement specific to the database system used for the log database

Option 2

Alter the Robot Run table to contain the column added in v10.7.

The column name is MINUTESSAVED and the type is INTEGER.

For example: In Microsoft SQL Server, the following query will have to be run by a DBA with rights to alter the tables under the database used for logs:


Applies to:  

Product Version
RPA 10.7 and Later