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When formatted Set Content of Cell is executed multiple times on the same cell, the ruled line disappears.

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Question / Problem: 

When the set content of cell step is executed on the same cell several times the border for the cell can get lost.

Answer / Solution: 

It's been determined that there is a bug manifesting itself in changed cell style (here the lack of left border) when many cells are written and the format of the cell is specified in the Set Content of Cell step.

We believe the bug to reside in how we use the Apache POI library, not in the POI library itself. Which means that an upgrade of the POI library will not fix this bug.

A workaround for the bug is to turn off the Format property in the Set Content of Cell step. This preserves cell styling in our tests.

TFS 1234374is opened against this issue and is currently in backlog.

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Kofax RPA >= Troubleshooting