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Workaround for "The value you entered may not be a valid host name" when adding a new database in Cluster settings in Kofax RPA v10.7

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If the instance name is used when adding a new database in Kofax RPA Management Console v10.7.x in Cluster Settings (e.g. host\instanceName) the following error will be displayed:

"The value you entered may not be a valid host name"

And the settings cannot be changed.


At the time, Management Console only accepts a hostname in the "Host" field, not host\instanceName

To configure Management Console to use instanceName / Port number, follow the steps below:

Method 1

1 - Create the new type:

  • go to Management Console > Admin > Settings
  • right click Database Types > select "Add Database Type" and use the settings below:
    • Name: Microsoft SQL Server - SQLEXPRESS (or a different name, but ideally something that will contain the instance name so all users know what the type is for)
    • jdbc driver:
    • Connection URL Template (containing the instance name): jdbc:sqlserver://${ServerName};databaseName=${Schema};instanceName=<instanceName>
      e.g. jdbc:sqlserver://${ServerName};databaseName=${Schema};instanceName=SQLEXPRESS
    • Database Type: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Save the new type


2 - Edit the database

  • In Management Console > Admin > RoboServers open Cluster Settings
  • for the database, in the Host field enter only the hostname of the SQL server (no instance name)
  • Enter all the other settings
  • for Database type select the type you created above, e.g. "Microsoft SQL Server - SQLEXPRESS"
  • Test connection
  • Save settings
Method 2

SQL Server assigns a dynamic port to each named instance in the SQL Server.

The port number for your instance can be looked up as described below.

  • Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager
  • Go to SQL Server Network Configuration -> Protocols for your Instance
  • In the properties for TCP/IP you can lookup the assigned port.

This port number can be entered into the port field in the database configuration in Management Console. In the Host field you just need to enter the hostname.

Applies to:  

Product Version
RPA 10.7