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Workaround for <Object> "not defined"


This article contains a workaround for a Java Script error that can occur in webkit robots. 20235

More Information

  • the webkit robot doesn't display the website content.
  • when using Browser Tracer to follow the requests sent by the robot, one of the following errors can be seen on the Java Script tab:
    • "Map is not defined"
    • "WeakMap is not defined"
    • "Set is not defined"
    • "WeakSet is not defined"
    • "Worker is not defined"

Follow the steps below:

  1. In the robot configuration (or only the configuration of the step that fails to load the website content - e.g. LoadPage step), go to the Java Script Execution tab.
  2. Under "JavaScript Changes" click the + sign to add a new change.
  3. Select Text Formatting -> Add Text
  4. For "Add where" leave the default "Before Input text"
  5. For "Text to add", paste the function from the attached text files corresponding to the error(s) you see in Browser Tracer.
  6. Save the new configuration

Important: Please consider the SSL/TLS settings as well and change this according to the website requirements.




Keywords: Kapow webkit, map not defined, Kapow, Robotic Process Automation