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onClick Triggered Drop-down Control Doesn't Display in Kapow


Question / Problem: 

When a website is designed with a triggered control using an onClick event or similar (a drop-down that is displayed / populated only when another control on the page is populated by the user),  Kapow / RPA doesn't update to enable that triggered control. How can this be resolved?

Answer / Solution: 

To resolve this issue:

  1. Add an Execute JavaScript step on the triggering control to manually execute that onClick event.
  2. Configure the Finder for this step to use "Only this tag" from the HTML code on the page for the control that has the onClick (or triggering) event property:




3. Add a "Select Option" step that selects the option from the triggering dropdown control as you may have already done.

4. The order of these two steps (Execute JavaScript and Select option) usually doesn't matter but may require swapping if it doesn't work at first.


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
Kapow / RPA 9.x / 10.x

JavaScript, Controls, Display



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