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Reporting issues resolved in KTA 7.5 Fix Packs


Question / Problem: 

What issues related to reporting have been resolved in KTA 7.5 Fix Packs?

Answer / Solution: 

The following reporting issues are included in the release notes of the listed fix pack (unless noted with *).  If encountering an issue with reporting, it is best to update to the latest fix pack so that all cumulative fixes are applied.

    • 1319589 Case 25041119, 25056138: Timeout Issues Related To Kofax Reporting Causing SQL Performance Problems
    • *1306384: Performance degradation between KTA and with frequent spikes in response times
    • 1299446 Case 25034013: Some reported field should contain the symbols which are not allowed in XML
    • 1295368 Case 25040416: Document type with apostrophe is causing the reporting system task to fail
    • 1294724 Case 25040509: Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int
    • 1293316 Case 25028123: Reporting system task fails with error "Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'user_logon_name_user_type_uq'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.user_dim'"
    • 1286204 Case 25036079: Reporting - apostrophe to a folder name causing Unclosed quotation mark after the character string ' '
    • 1238225 Case 25010893: Reporting Service fail with apostrophe in resource user name
    • 1214937 Case 25001973: Reporting data not linking with pre-7.5 data
    • 1209224 Case 24082899: Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.field_accum_fact' with unique index 'idx_faf_pk_lkp'.
    • *1195308: Reporting: 'Exception: Transaction (Process ID 67) was deadlocked on lock resources(...)' occurs in log
    • *1196183: Performance Issue: Excessive calls for selecting values for path_dim appears in Reporting
    • 1191586 Case 24088423: Reporting: After upgrading to v7.5, Kofax TotalAgility reporting throws the error - "Error during Deserialize: There is an error in XML document."
    • *1184705: 'Exception: A MERGE statement cannot UPDATE/DELETE the same row of the target table multiple times' occurs in Reporting logs
    • 1149132 Case 24061127: SQL timeouts on Update batch_accum_fact from Kofax.CEBPM.Reporting.AzureETL.
    • *1169524: Document Review does not properly report time against each document in doc_sess_snapshot_fact.doc_sess_duration_ms
    • *1169525: Classification activity sometimes creates 2 system classification events



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