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APA - Error when running the Z_BW_PARK_FI_INVOICE file in SAP

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Question / Problem: 

When installing APA 2.2, and when you choose to install the custom function module:  Z_BW_PARK_FI_INVOICE which is used to park documents in SAP, you might get the error below and the cause of this issue is incorrect data type used in the function module (Ref: TFS#: 1349702),

Syntax error for function module Z_BW_PARK_FI_INVOICE

Line 388 Function Module Z_BW_PARK_FI_INVOICE

Type 'TYPE_BAPIRET2' us unknown

Answer / Solution: 

The issue is related to an incorrect data type used in the custom module file ( Z_BW_PARK_FI_INVOICE ), you can work around the issue by following the steps below:

1- Download and extract the KofaxAPAgility-2.2.0 package from the delivery site, then navigate to the location below and edit the file ( Z_BW_PARK_FI_INVOICE ) in a text editor ( e.g. Textpad, Notepad ++ ) :


2- Search for : type_bapiret2 (Line 33) and change it to ty_t_bapiret2.

3- Save and recreate the function module using the file that you just edited, then test parking a FI document.

Applies to:  

Product Version
APA 2.2