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APA - Inconsistent amounts not being checked in Validation

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The sum of net amounts and tax amounts do not add up to the sub total - but this is not identified as an error in Validation.

For example:

The Net Amount 1, Tax Rate 1 and Tax Amount 1 fields are enabled and the following values are extracted:

Net Amount 1 = 4050.00

Tax Rate 1 = 21.00

Tax Amount 1 = 850.50

Sub Total = 4900.50

The Validation user modifies the Net Amount 1 field to 6000.00.

Now, the value of the Tax Amount 1 field is no longer equal to: Net Amount 1 x (Tax Rate 1 / 100).

And the value of the Sub Total field is no longer equal to Net Amount 1 + Tax Amount 1.

However, this is not highlighted as invalid.


Open the APA Workqueue, select "Settings" -> "Invoice Processing" and click on "Capture Profiles".

Then, select the relevant profile and click on "Tax Settings".

Then, select the "Tax Configuration" tab.

Ensure that the  "Activate VAT Based Tax Processing" option is enabled.


Applies to:  

Product Version
APA 2.2 and later



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