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APA - IndexID with site id separator constructed even when vendor data does not contain a site id

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Applies To

  • APA 2.1


When importing vendor data without SiteIDs from a CSV file the entries that are written to BRWVendorMaster data still contain ~ as SiteID separator ("0-12345678~"). IP Agility constructs this key without a separator and can thus not load the vendor record during validation.
Current result: IndexID is 0-100403~
Expected: IndexID is 0-100403


  • Site ID must always be activated in the field settings in SCM.
  •  When generating CSV files for the agnostic ERP connector the following values must be set
    • VendorSiteId in vendors.csv
    • VendorSiteId in po_headers.csv  

It is fine to populate them with a constant / default value (maybe 0) – they just should not be empty.

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